Computer Forensic

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What is computer forensic?

With the evolution of information technology, an increasing number of companies and organizations rely on digital data for their daily operations. However, this heightened dependence also exposes these organizations to risks such as cybercrime, illicit manipulations, and data security breaches.

The types of fraud that require computer investigations are diverse. They range from computer intrusion and industrial espionage to acts such as theft of sensitive data, spying on competing businesses, unauthorized copying or printing of files, and even malicious deletion of data on external servers not owned by the company.

In this context, computer forensics plays a crucial role in uncovering and understanding suspicious or criminal activities taking place in the digital environment.

A qualified expert can retrieve digital information that has been produced and/or exchanged with third parties, even if the original files and emails have been deleted.

It is crucial to emphasize that computer investigations must be conducted by qualified professionals who adhere to the applicable laws and regulations. Confidentiality, integrity, and accuracy of evidence are essential elements in this field to ensure objective investigations and fair legal procedures.

If you are facing a situation that requires computer investigation, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide you with our expertise and resources to assist you in resolving issues related to IT security and the protection of your data.

Some examples of investigation

  • Computer fraud within your company?
    If you suspect computer fraud within your company, a computer investigation can be essential in uncovering fraudulent activities and identifying the perpetrators.
  • How computers are used within your organization?
    You may wonder how computers in your company are being used and if employees are adhering to security policies and confidentiality rules.
  • Doubt about a possible data theft?
    If you suspect a data theft or notice suspicious behavior in your computer systems, a thorough computer investigation can help you identify the sources of the attack and recover stolen data.
  • Issues during an inheritance process?
    During an inheritance or a dispute involving assets, a computer investigation may be necessary to recover important information, financial data, or relevant evidence.
  • And much more...