NAS or SAN system

The NAS/SAN systems use, most of times, a RAID system inside

Data recovery on NAS or SAN server

Our experienced team at SOS Data Recovery specializes in data recovery on NAS (Network-Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) systems. Whether it's recovering lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted files on these devices, we have the expertise and necessary tools to successfully carry out the recovery operations.

With our advanced technical skills, we are capable of resolving data loss issues on NAS and SAN, thereby minimizing disruptions and negative impacts on your operations.

Our commitment to quality, confidentiality, and efficiency ensures that your valuable data is in good hands and will be recovered reliably and securely.

Data recovery on NAS

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) system is a standalone file server connected to a network, whose main function is centralized data storage. This system utilizes RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) or JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) technology. Through this storage architecture, data is distributed and duplicated across multiple disks, providing redundancy and protection against hardware failures.

Our experts handle cases of data recovery from multi-disk NAS servers with large storage capacity. Whether it's due to hardware failure, data corruption, or human error, we are capable of recovering lost or damaged data from these complex NAS systems. With our in-depth expertise and specialized tools, we can reconstruct RAID configurations, repair disk errors, and extract essential data to minimize losses and restore access to your valuable information.

Data recovery on NAS servers requires a specialized approach due to the complexity of these systems. Trust our experts to restore your critical data and preserve the integrity of your business operations.

Data recovery on SAN

A Storage Area Network (SAN) system differs from a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system in that it provides a lower-level access to disks. To simplify, the traffic in a SAN is very similar to the principles used for internal disk usage (ATA, SCSI, SAS). Each server sees the disk space of a SAN enclosure as its own hard drive, rather than a shared resource. This architecture allows for more granular disk management and optimized performance for storage operations.

Our data recovery specialists are capable of recovering data from damaged SAN structures. Whether it's due to hardware failure, data corruption, or configuration error, our team has the skills and tools necessary to diagnose and recover lost data on a SAN system.

Trust SOS Data Recovery for data recovery on SAN systems.