MTF (Microsoft Tape Format)

Data storage format.

MTF (Microsoft Tape Format)

MTF (Microsoft Tape Format) was developed following the merger of Conner with Arcada in 1996, forming Seagate Software after being acquired by Seagate Technology. This merger led to the development of a new specification for tape backup format: the Microsoft Tape Format (MTF).

Since 1998, MTF has been used in all subsequent versions of Backup Exec. Additionally, Microsoft has also adopted MTF in Windows NT for NTBackup and in later versions of Windows backup software.

The Microsoft Tape Format (MTF) is also integrated into Windows BKF files, providing extensive compatibility with backup and restore tools. Furthermore, the BackupAssist utility also uses the MTF format for its backup operations.

With the widespread use of MTF, users benefit from increased interoperability and compatibility between different backup and restore software that support this format. This facilitates sharing and recovery of tape data, ensuring efficient backup management and reliable protection of critical information for users and organizations.

MTF tape retrieval / indexing

Whether you have experienced a hardware failure, a software malfunction, or any other issue affecting your MTF tapes, our team of data recovery specialists is here to assist you throughout the recovery process.

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