Insurance coverage for data loss

Your data recovery on defective computer media may be covered by your insurance.


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Insurance in case of loss of your data

Nowadays most insurance companies offer to cover the data recovery costs through new insurance coverages / modules, regardless of whether it is a company or an individual person, though provided that the company carrying out the data recovery is Swiss.

Depending on the coverage of your home insurance and the fact we are a fully Swiss owned company, it may be that part or even all of the data recovery costs are covered by your insurance.

Below you will find a list of insurance companies that cover the risk of data loss on computer media :

Axa Winterthur
Bâloise Assurances
la Mobilière

We would be glad to contact your insurer to check whether your insurance policy is covering your data recovery costs. Simply contact us on +41 840 440 840 or by email at