Cyber Recovery

SOS Data Recovery offers a professional cyber recovery service to restore your data in the event of a ransomware attack (data encryption).

Why is a specialised cyber recovery service necessary in the event of a ransomware attack?

With the increase in ransomware attacks and the emergence of new types of malware, organizations face increasing challenges.

Faced with never-ending cybercrime and indiscriminate and complex ransomware attacks, SOS Data Recovery offers solutions to organizations (companies, government agencies, local communities, etc.) that fall victim to them.

Unlike the Cyber Security service, which acts upstream of the failure, Cyber Recovery is a data recovery service that intervenes after a ransomware attack.

As a data recovery specialist, it is natural that we help you to recover your files, to restore your data. Even if the backups were affected by the attack. SOS Data Recovery will do the maximum to help you recover your data quickly and easily. The key to this is adhering to data recovery best practices.