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Samsung Group is one of the leading Chaebols, these Korean conglomerates composed of different companies binding complex financial relationships.

Recovery of Samsung devices

Samsung is a diversified group of companies and one of the largest conglomerates in the world. It comprises several major companies, including the insurer Samsung Life and, most notably, the electronics company Samsung Electronics, which is widely known for its consumer products such as mobile phones, televisions, and home appliances.

Founded on March 1, 1938, in Daegu, South Korea, the Samsung Group has experienced impressive growth over the decades. Today, it owns 120 subsidiaries spread across 57 countries and employs over 128,000 people worldwide. This global expansion has enabled Samsung to become one of the most influential and recognized economic players on the international stage.

In 2009, the Samsung Group was at the helm of 59 different companies, spanning a wide range of industries. These companies collectively employed over 263,000 workers and generated impressive revenues amounting to 124 billion euros. This financial performance testifies to the success and solidity of the Samsung Group in diverse fields such as electronics, construction, finance, insurance, and many others.

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