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Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese electronics and computers manufacturer. It is the largest semiconductors manufacturer in Japan.

Recovery of Toshiba devices

In 2009, Toshiba achieved significant success by positioning itself as the world's third-largest semiconductor manufacturer. This accomplishment is the result of decades of expertise and innovation in the field of electronic technology. As a direct competitor to Intel and Samsung, Toshiba has demonstrated its ability to develop cutting-edge semiconductors used in a variety of consumer and industrial electronic devices. Its positioning ahead of STMicroelectronics is a testament to the quality and reliability of its products.

The history of Toshiba dates back to its foundation in 1939 through the merger of two companies, Tanaka Seisakujo and Hakunetsusha. Since then, Toshiba has thrived as a leader in technological innovation, developing state-of-the-art products in various sectors, ranging from consumer electronics to industrial infrastructures. The initial merger laid the foundation for a solid company capable of addressing the challenges of the ever-evolving electronics industry.

Today, Toshiba continues to be a key player in the global industry thanks to its strategic vision and constant pursuit of excellence. By investing in research and development, Toshiba strives to anticipate the future needs of the market and provide innovative solutions that meet the demands of its customers. The company's long history and established reputation make Toshiba a trusted brand for consumers and business partners worldwide.

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