Computer forensic

A forensic service dedicated to the search for evidence.

Recovery in total security and confidentiality.

Leader in the data recovery domain and guarantor of the security and confidentiality of your data, SOS Data Recovery offers you its safe and confidential services for computer investigation.

Computer investigation are all specialized techniques, included collection, identification, extraction, analyze and authentification of the digital information.

How we investigate the data

Working on the concerned device, hard disk, memory stick or else, it is possible to find traces of every manipulation that was made. For example the date of modification and/or removal of a file, the Internet use , the destination of the Websites visited, the volume of data that are contained or downloaded on the data medium, etc. Our experts are able to find informations such as pictures, automation scripts, cookies, memorised passwords, installed softwares, emails, sent or received SMS, or emails address.

In order to to that, our experts are working on the concerned device, hard disk, memory stick or every device that contains computer informations.

Our investigation tools

SOS Data Recovery uses computer forensic top technologies. Our digital investigation's tools are them uses by the judicial services, as the police scientific police, that is guarantor of the investigation's quality. At the end of the investigation's process, SOS Data Recovery produces a precise and complete report of the data medium and its content.

Furthermore, with help of its computer analysis and data recovery tools, SOS Data Recovery offers the possibility to restorate your non authorised deleted files.