SLR (Scalable Linear Recording)

Format developed by Tandberg Data GmbH.

SLR (Scalable Linear Recording)

SLR (Scalable Linear Recording) is a data storage format developed by Tandberg Data GmbH. Tandberg Data GmbH is a company based in Dortmund, Germany, and stands out as the sole manufacturer still active in producing tapes in the QIC (Quarter-Inch Cartridge) formats.

The QIC formats have a long history and have been widely used for data backup and storage. These formats offer a practical and cost-effective solution for medium and long-term storage needs. As a pioneer in this field, Tandberg Data GmbH has played a key role in the development and manufacturing of these tapes.

SLR, an abbreviation for Scalable Linear Recording, is the name given by Tandberg Data GmbH to its range of tape drives based on the QIC format. This format offers scalable linear read and write technology, allowing for increased storage capacity and improved performance. It is compatible with existing QIC standards, making system migration and compatibility with existing tapes easier.

Thanks to its robust design and proven reliability, the SLR format is used in various domains, such as data centers, archives, and enterprise backup systems. SLR drives offer advantages such as high storage capacity, high transfer speeds, and extended tape lifespan, making them a preferred choice for organizations requiring reliable backup and long-term data protection.

In conclusion, SLR is a data storage format developed by Tandberg Data GmbH that leverages the advantages of QIC formats. This format provides a practical, scalable, and reliable solution to meet the backup and storage needs of businesses. With its reputation for reliability and performance, the SLR format continues to be used in many environments where data protection and accessibility are essential.

SLR versions

Quarter inch formats

  • SLR1
  • SLR2
  • SLR3
  • SLR4
  • SLR4-DC
  • SLR5
  • SLR24 / SLR6
  • SLR32 / MLR1
  • SLR50 / MLR3

Eight millimeter formats

  • SLR7
  • SLR40
  • SLR60
  • SLR75
  • SLR100
  • SLR140
  • SLR200
  • SLR400